Industrial and Commercial Plumbing

Choose a plumber who has the experience to solve commercial and industrial sized plumbing issues.

Drain Cleaning

Preventative maintenance is a key to preventing emergency drain backup. They are unavoidable, especially if you are not on a preventative maintenance plan for your drains.

Pipe Rehabilitation Technologies: Trenchless Pipe Repair

When your business or property needs plumbing issues addressed, we are able to offer pipe rehabilitation technologies including bursting and lining.


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Put a Stop to Your Drainage Problem

Commercial drain cleaning services in Hartsville, Florence, North Charleston, SC & Asheville, NC

When you notice a drain stoppage on your property, contact a plumbing expert right away. Businesses trust Anderson Plumbing & Industrial Inc. for all of their plumbing needs in Hartsville, Florence, North Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC & All Surrounding Areas. Count on us to do the same for you.

A small drainage problem can be as simple as a paper stoppage, but can be the result of compromised deterioration of pipes overtime. Industries that use caustic materials will also find that overtime lines have rusted out and may have become compromised in some way. Before you end up with costly repairs or replacements that will break the bank, reach out to our experienced plumbing team.

See our pipe rehabilitation section for solutions to these issues. Call to schedule an appointment for service.

Find plumbing solutions for your property

Anderson Plumbing & Industrial is proud to offer affordable solutions and unmatched customer service to every client. Anderson Plumbing & Industrial has invested in multiple types of equipment from jetters to industrial Vaccon trucks to assist in clearing and maintaining your commercial and industrial drain systems. We have robotic camera systems that will inspect pipes from 6" to 36" in diameter.

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We can clear drains in any place you may see a problem, including:

  • Commercial and industrial bathroom drains
  • Commercial and industrial shower drains
  • Commercial and industrial floor drains
  • Commercial and industrial kitchen drains
  • Industries in manufacturing, food processing and hospitals

We Use Picote Milling Machines


The Mini Miller is also suitable for use with an 8mm shaft, but with a longer 17m range this machine can go further. The Mini Miller has been designed for ease of use, and its lightweight frame makes this machine easy to move around. The compact design is also useful for inside buildings with limited space.


The Maxi Miller is for use with a 12mm/1/2" shaft, but an adapter is available to convert for use with 8mm/1/3" shaft. A powerful machine with a long range, the Maxi Miller offers great versatility and with the adapter can be used for DN 50 - 200 / 2"-8" pipes.

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