Industrial and Commercial Plumbing

Choose a plumber who has the experience to solve commercial and industrial sized plumbing issues.

Drain Cleaning

Preventative maintenance is a key to preventing emergency drain backup. They are unavoidable, especially if you are not on a preventative maintenance plan for your drains.

Pipe Rehabilitation Technologies: Trenchless Pipe Repair

When your business or property needs plumbing issues addressed, we are able to offer pipe rehabilitation technologies including bursting and lining.


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Specializing in pipe rehabilitation technologies; pipe lining and pipe bursting

Industrial and Commercial pipe lining in Hartsville, Florence, North Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC & All Surrounding Areas. We are licensed in NC, SC and GA.

Trenchless technology (Lining and bursting methods) allows us to rehabilitate the pipe from one or two small access points. This means:

  • Quicker repair and minimal disruption to your daily operations.
  • With the bursting method, the installation of brand new HDPE pipe is resistant to corrosion and root infestation as well as earthquake and ground movement.
  • Alternative methods such as lining may also be an option and we will be glad to do a complete assessment to determine what option is best suited for the conditions of the job.
  • Most trenchless lateral replacements can be done in less than a day.

Get Effective Pipe Rehabilitation

Pipe lining or slip lining sewer pipes is one easy, effective way to improve your pipes and prevent larger problems. The experienced plumbers at Anderson Plumbing & Industrial have decades of industry knowledge that you can turn to for pipelining or commercial pipe repair sleeves. It helps address the issue before it turns into a larger one and potentially saves the hassle of water damage or greater structural damage to your business.

Contact us right away to discuss how your property could benefit from pipelining.

We won't stop your business!

Property managers who oversee spaces with multiple tenants will find working with Anderson Plumbing & Industrial is a seamless and often cost saving convenience. When you need a sewer to be dug up, you and your tenants can not afford to lose money by closing down business temporarily while the necessary repairs are being made. Anderson Plumbing & Industrial is able to work under the ground and overnight to resolve your plumbing issues, saving you time, money and from dealing with the headache of a business interruption.

drain stoppage NC, SC, and GA

Our Pipe Lining Machine

residential plumbing nc, sc, and ga

Rolling the liner out so it can be blown into the existing pipe.

residential plumbing nc, sc, and ga

Air on the finished liner (this is what the new inside of the pipe looks like).

restaurant kitchen plumbing  nc, sc, and ga

We completed a pipe bursting project under a busy four lane street in downtown. Only one lane of traffic had to be diverted for just the section we worked on.

retail plumbing repair nc, sc, and ga

The HDPE pipe about to go under the street from the starting point to the other side of the street (4 lanes over).

septic tank pumping nc. sc, and ga

Our set up on the other side of the street.

pipe lining nc, sc, and ga

Pipe made it through to the other side.

pipe lining nc, sc, and ga