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Drain Cleaning

Preventative maintenance is a key to preventing emergency drain backup. They are unavoidable, especially if you are not on a preventative maintenance plan for your drains.

Pipe Rehabilitation Technologies: Trenchless Pipe Repair

When your business or property needs plumbing issues addressed, we are able to offer pipe rehabilitation technologies including bursting and lining.


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Install Pipe Lining at the Speed of Light

Reach out for Bluelight services in Hartsville, Florence, North Charleston, SC, Asheville, NC & All Surrounding Areas

Anderson Plumbing & Industrial Inc. uses the latest pipe rehabilitation technologies to repair your pipes efficiently in Hartsville, Florence, Charleston, SC & All Surrounding Areas. One of our newest pieces of equipment is called the Bluelight LED CIPP curing system. While traditional lining systems use epoxy resins cured with steam or hot water, this system uses LED light to seal pipe lining.

You'll love the Bluelight system because of its speedy process. We only use the highest quality equipment provided by HammerHead Trenchless Equipment. Contact us at 843-332-5854 to learn more about our pipe rehabilitation technologies today.

Check out the Bluelight difference

Bluelight LED technology is unique because:

  • It’s recognized as the fastest curing system
  • It uses a material that only expands in LED light
  • It can be installed in bends up to 90 degrees

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